Monday, September 26, 2016

On Super Perovskites...

One morning at ICIQ:

The Professor came in shrieking with excitement "perovskites as* holes". The first time I came across the name and quietly looked for what they are. He lavished his thoughts 'these set of ceramics of no use are going...cracks for celdas solares". Later the application of perovskites in solar device fabrication, exponentially increased in efficiencies that many research groups leaped into integrating them within their architectures. However, as was the case with some other nano crystalline counterparts, stability of the cells in working conditions challenged the leaders in the field. At ICIQ, a group answers such questions as to why "cells are less efficient and/or unstable". That inspired me to diligently search for PSCs the last few years.

Another Morning at ASTU:

I was visiting the materials engineering department at Adama Science and Technology University with colleagues. We met Prof. Kim to learn about his research activities and saw the damn book about "perovskites".

One afternoon at SCBE:

Visiting Professor Lee from Seoul National University, gave week-long seminar on supercritical fluid technology and know-how management in industries. It happened to be one of my favorite seminars I attended. He slightly covered the opportunity of producing nano powders using SFT.

Can we synthesize perovskites using the SFT?
That was the beginning of Super Perovskites Project development late August, 2016. Fortunately, I was not the only one to pop this up.

To be continued...